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Fire Hydrants

Private fire hydrants are the responsibility of the property owner and need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning property in the event of an emergency. Fire hydrants that are red in color are private property, unlike the yellow hydrants that are maintained by the city or township. Southern Nevada Fire Protection offers the full spectrum of services to properly maintain, repair and service your private fire hydrants as required by law in the state of Nevada.

Worn, neglected or damaged hydrants can cause delay in fighting a fire and put lives and property in jeopardy. Fire hydrants must be inspected regularly to insure they are functioning at optimum performance levels.

In addition to general service and maintenance of fire hydrants, Southern Nevada Fire Protection can replace hydrant caps, paint hydrants, provide blue street markers and provide accountability tagging.

Water Flow Testing

Flow testing of fire hydrants is necessary to identify the amount of water a certain fire hydrant can deliver during an emergency situation. Testing can uncover a number of mechanical problems from broken valves to leaks. In addition, water systems are constantly being impacted by improvements, deterioration, changes in usage and even water district maintenance activities.

The annual flushing of fire hydrants is one of the most important maintenance practices that can be performed on a water distribution system.

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